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Skins that are tender and sensitive to touch at times is very uncomfortable, annoying and is often unbearable. Skin tenderness and pain is medically termed as allodynia, where one feels extreme sensitivity or pain even to non-painful spur, like a gentle wind.


There are several sorts of skin tenderness that are mentioned below:-

  • Dynamic mechanical allodynia, this is the condition where the skin pains due to brushing.
  • Mechanical or tactile allodynia that is generally caused due to touch
  • Thermal allodynia, which is sensed due to hot or cold stimuli.
  • Static mechanical allodynia, which is triggered because of pressure or gentle touch.

Viral infection, nerve problems, nutritional deficiencies or any other health problems may lead to unusual skin sensitivity.


Possible reasons that trigger sensitive skin:-

There are various different causes that may give rise to sensitive skin touch and this may range from minute sunburn problems to severe diseases. Following are some passable causes behind skin sensitivity.


  • Migraine – People suffering from the problem of migraine may go through skin pain even when they are simply wearing a necklace or combing their hair.
  • Overexposure to the rays of sun – This lead a first level to second level burn that ultimately makes your skin susceptible to soft touch.
  • Shingles – Prior infectivity to chicken pox may further show a complication called herpes zoster or shingles. This is a state where blisters and rashes develop on any one part of the body which makes the skin sensitive.
  • Neuropathies – This condition happens due to nerve damage, which gives rise to increase sensitivity of skin.  Neuropathies triggers by trauma, diabetes, or B vitamin deficiencies.
  • Midbrain deficiency – The midbrain is a fraction of the brain that is associated with sorting and evaluating various stimuli. A deficiency here can outcome in tactile protectiveness, which is an inflated throbbing reaction to usual stimuli like light touch or gentle pressure.
  • Fibromyalgia – This is a therapeutic and clinical condition that is illustrates by the condition of sleep disturbance, chronic body pains, allodynia and tiredness.
  • Demyelinating illness – This medical condition is affected due to the nervous system in which a covering of myelin sheath cells around the nerve cells get damages that causes different health problems including skin sensitivity and pain.

It is very easy to identify the signs of skin sensitivity or tenderness of the skin. The pain may be widespread or localized with severe pain. A tingling sensation in the skin may even cause allodynia.


Other warning indications include burning sensation on skin, crawling on the skin, pins and needles or itchiness.

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